An accessible ocean

Accumulating and disseminating research data at the Global Oceanographic Data Center (GODAC)

Period: Opened in 2001
Organization: Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC)

GODAC serves as a hub for accumulating and disseminating various research data held by JAMSTEC. For the purpose of developing capacity of young generation and serving the local community, GODAC also promotes various activities to increase awareness and to deepen the understanding of marine science and technology. For the local community, GODAC collaborates with “ALL yanbaru manabi no machi“ project and holds marine-related education lessons. GODAC maintains digital archives, including various deep-sea images taken by manned submersibles and remotely-operated vehicles and disseminates these online for scientific and academic purpose.

Disseminating research information
from various databases to the world
GODAC and its activities
Reference: Global Oceanographic Data Center (GODAC) (

Marine research facilities along the Japanese coast: marine biological laboratories, fisheries research stations, and more

Period: From 1887,   Organizations: National, public, and private universities

Japan has one of the highest number of coastal facilities in the world. Of these, 21 national university seaside and lakeside research stations belong to the Directors-Council of National Marine and Inland Biological Stations and 36 fisheries research stations affiliated with national, public, and private universities belong to the National Council of Directors of University Fisheries Research Stations. While research in the areas of marine biology and fisheries science is being pursued, observational data on ocean conditions in coastal areas will be accumulated. Human resources will be cultivated and contributions to local communities will be promoted by holding onshore training sessions and nature observation meetings.

Onshore training, Marine Biological Station,
Sado Island Center for Ecological Sustainability
Seaside and lakeside research
stations nationwide
University fisheries research
stations nationwide
Reference: Directors-Council of National Marine and Inland Biological Stations (
National Council of Directors of University Fisheries Research Stations (