An accessible ocean

Developing and promoting cross-sectoral synergy-creating wind farm technology

Period: From 2013,   Organizations: Research Institute for Ocean Economics and others

This is a concrete initiative designed to realize a nexus approach at sea, as emphasized in the SDGs. The development of technologies for the creation of synergies between ocean energy development projects through offshore wind power generation and activities in other sectors, including the conservation of fishery resources, the promotion of aquaculture operations, the reduction and absorption of greenhouse gases, the monitoring of the ocean environment, sea surveillance, and the promotion of ocean-related leisure and education, is proposed. These technologies will be exceedingly useful for Asian-Pacific countries, coastal countries in Africa, and other countries and regions where fisheries are important in terms of food culture and the structure of employment.

Overall Image of the Fisheries-Harmonious Offshore Wind Farm
Source: Research Institute for Ocean Economics (

Utilizing and conserving coastal and remote island sea areas through next-generation oceanic mobility

Period: From 2020
Organizations: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Fisheries Agency, Ministry of the Environment, and others

With the aim of solving problems pertaining to the use and conservation of coastal sea areas in Japan through the application of new technologies, initiatives are being carried out in hopes of promoting the use of nextgeneration mobility at sea, namely autonomous surface vehicles (ASVs) as well as autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) and ROVs (remotely operated vehicles), which are expected to be used as so-called ocean drones.
In fiscal year 2020, a meeting among industry, academia and government officials was held to promote the development of an environment for the use of next-generation mobility at sea. At this meeting, information was exchanged to facilitate the matching of technology seeds with needs. Based on the discussions that were held at this meeting, work to enable these options to be implemented in society as soon as possible, such as by launching a pilot project for societal implementation, will be carried out from fiscal year 2021.

ASV (autonomous surface vehicle)
AUV (autonomous underwater vehicle)
ROV (remotely operated vehicles)
Source: Promoting the Use of Next-Generation Mobility at Sea